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Handbook on Nigerian Cybercrime Law by Dr Felix Eboibi(ed)


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The domestic perpetration of cybercrime through the internet is now a recurrent decimal. It presents general concerns for all and sundry. Over the last few years, computers and the internet have brought about new ways of carrying out assigned tasks by Nigerians. The gathering of information for legal practice and training, the use of e-mail, blackberry messenger, yahoo messenger, text message, settlement discussions, confidential communications, transaction closings and the completion of contracts for goods and services are some of the benefits of this technological transformation in Nigeria. However, certain overzealous persons are using this same medium to further their criminal activities. Most traditional criminal laws in Nigeria are not in tandem with situations where a computer is either used as a tool or target or where it involves elements of information technology infrastructure, otherwise known as computer related crimes or cybercrimes. The perpetration of these crimes are now notorious and dangerous in Nigeria, accounting for numerous havoc to corporate organizations, cyber citizens, governments within and outside Nigeria. A lack of understanding of the concept of cybercrime, especially due to its novel nature, presents difficulties for proper administration of criminal justice system and the inability to identify perpetrators. Consequently, I recommend this book to anyone who intends to get an insight into the application of legal principles to cybercrimes and understanding of the preventive and detective measures associated with the crime, whether they be academics, legal practitioners, judges, law enforcement officers, students, computer scientists and the general public.

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