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Chapter 9: Lack of Centralized Database as an Impediment in Curtailing Cybercrimes in Nigeria by Dr. Kingsley Omote Mrabure


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This chapter defines data bases  and  states  the  relevance of personal information obtained from individuals and stored in such databases. The chapter notes that one of the aims is to track down the activities of individuals involved in the commission of cybercrimes, such as identity theft, cyber-stalking and a host of others. The chapter makes mention of public bodies, such as the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and private bodies such as banks and telecommunications companies which have their own databases and states that despite this there exists  no national or centralized database in Nigeria which responsibility (which it has failed to carry out) lies with the office of the National Security Adviser and the  Cybercrime Advisory Council  to establish same and to coordinate the activities of relevant public and private bodies in curtailing the incidences of cybercrimes in Nigeria. The chapter recommends that it is now imperative that this should be  done in tandem  with  what  is  obtainable in the United States by the  actual establishment of an operational National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a National Computer Forensic Laboratory  by the office of the National Security Adviser and Cybercrime Advisory Council with accrued funds due. This will go a long way in curtailing minimally the incidences of cybercrimes in Nigeria.

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Most traditional criminal laws in Nigeria are not in tandem with situations where a computer is either used as a tool or

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