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Chapter 7: Prosecuting Perpetrators of Identity Theft under the Nigerian Cybercrimes Act 2015: Lessons from Europe by Dr. Yahya Duro Uthman Hambali


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This chapter notes that identity theft is a challenge for every nation, a challenge countries must address both individually and collectively. In Nigeria, many people today, battle with all forms of identity theft. While many have either lost significant part, if not all, of their business capital to identity thieves, others have lost their reputation after their identity information have been used or manipulated to steal from others. In response to these, the legislative arm of the Nigerian government enacted the Cybercrimes (Prosecution, Prevention etc) Act 2015 into law in 2015 bearing in mind that the key cybercrime concern for law enforcement is legal in nature rather than simply technical and technological. This chapter answers the question, whether the new Act sufficiently addresses the concerns in line with the global best practices. In particular, how adequate are the preventive measures put in place in Nigeria to combat identity theft issues against the backdrop of what obtains in Europe.

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Most traditional criminal laws in Nigeria are not in tandem with situations where a computer is either used as a tool or

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