Assignment on Law & Cybercrime JPL 210 Seecond semester

Assignment on Law & Cybercrime JPL 210 Seecond semester

In not more than 10 pages:

Examine the Legal Implications of cyber-attacks on individuals, institutions and organizations in Nigeria.

Follow the framework below:



Meaning of cyber-attacks

Why cyber-attacks?

Instances of cyber-attacks in Nigeria (each student should give not less than 10 instances each of cyber-attacks against individuals, institutions and organisations with dates of occurrences between 2015 till date) - ensure source materials are footnoted - For avoidance of repetition of instances of cyber-attacks - students are advised to upload their instances of cyber-attacks on this page -

Legal implications of cyber-attacks


Date of submission: On or before Thursday 20 September 2018 - 12 midnight

Place of submission:

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13th September 2018 by Dr Felix E. Eboibi

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Handbook on Nigerian Cybercrime Law by Dr Felix E....

Most traditional criminal laws in Nigeria are not in tandem with situations where a computer is either used as a tool or

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